Alphenyx, Speeding up your discoveries. From Tissus to Cells.


About us


ALPHENYX focuses on developing research tools derived from human tissues and body fluids. We established a broad tissue acquisition network to obtain normal and diseased human-origin tissues and body fluids in accordance with the latest European guidelines.

Our multidisciplinary team has developed specific devices to transform raw tissues into standardized high-quality products with the analytical methods to perform efficacy and safety testing of new compounds.

Alphenyx develops its own research programs and therefore has an expertise in safety and efficacy testing.


Regulatory and Bio-ethical Policies

ALPHENYX complies with the Council of Europe regulations for Protection of Human Rights and Dignity of the Human Being with regard to the Application of Biology and Medicine: Convention on Human Rights and Biomedicine.

ALPHENYX possesses the required accreditations from the French Ministry of High Education and Research, in addition to the Committee of Persons Protection for the use, collection, transformation, storage of human-origin tissues and body fluids for research use only under the authorization numbers AC-2014-2141 and DC-2014-2147. ALPHENYX has also an authorization of exportation (IE-2014-749). Moreover, ALPHENYX is registered to the CNIL (Declaration-1762003) and respects data protection policies for clinical and biological information collected from volunteering donors.

ALPHENYX has high ethical standards to protect its volunteering donors. Each donation is voluntary and not remunerated. No sample is collected before donors signed the Informed Consent Form. Each donation is totally anonymous and Alphenyx proceeds with a rigorous double de-identification procedure of obtained samples, assuring donorís full anonymity.


Safety Policies

ALPHENYX provides a Certificate of Analyses for each of its human-derived products. All donors are tested negative for the presence of HIV 1 & 2, hepatitis B and C viruses. Blood tests are carried out under cooperation with accredited and independent laboratories.


Quality Standards

Our aim is to provide high quality products and services.
We dedicate ourselves to our customers and research partners to offer them full satisfaction.
Our principles: reactivity, adaptability and integrity.