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Skin Tissues Derivatives

Skin Models for Permeation Studies

Alphenyx is your skin expert supplier for permeation studies

Dermatomized skin models:

  • Dermatomized skin sheets (up to 750µm)


  • Dermatomized skin discs:

  • Large choice of sizes to fit any Diffusion Cell System. Sizes range from 8 to 40 mm diameter.

  • 3 formats: fresh skin discs, frozen skin discs prepared from fresh skin, frozen skin discs prepared from frozen skin.

  • Thickness ranges from 300µm up to 700 µm.

  • Discs thickness homogeneity and reproducibility are guaranteed. The thickness of each dermatomized skin disc is controlled individually by an innovative system (over 100 points controlled per disc). Mean, min and max values are reported on the data sheet for each disc.

  • Dermatomized skin discs are provided in individual packaging.

SkinAbs®  Permeation study has never been so easy!

SkinAbs® is a new ready-to-use system for percutaneous penetration studies, adaptable to most Diffusion Cell system.


SkinAbs® is characterized by the combination of a thickness-controlled dermatomed skin disc (or a full skin disc on demand) and a tight silicone ring seal, specially designed for easy, safe and rapid handling.


  • No skin folding

  • Reliable

  • Secure sealing : No leaks

  • No interaction of the silicone ring seal with tested molecules

  • Time saving

  • Non-toxic


SkinAbs® is available in different sizes to fit your system.

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