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Tissue Sourcing

When working with human tissues, high regulatory and ethical standard are mandatory.

At Alphenyx, this is our uttermost priority.

Alphenyx complies with the ethical principles of the Declaration of Helsinki for the respect and the protection of Human Rights applied to research involving Human Being.

If you are a patient about to donate your tissues for research and you want to know more about how we collect and use them, please consult our FAQ section.

Skin tissues are collected from patients undergoing plastic or reconstructive surgeries. The samples collected are clinical wastes and would have been otherwise incinerated.


Alphenyx works in close collaboration with APHM (assistance publique hôpitaux de Marseille) and private clinical centers from the Marseille area. In 2020, to face the COVID crisis and fulfill our partners increasing needs, we started to extend our network to other locations in France, while maintaining our ethics and quality standards.


Therefore, all human tissues are sourced in FRANCE from living donors, with their prior informed consents. Our informed consent form (ICF) has been approved by the French Ethical Committee (Comité de Protection des Personnes). Learn more


Alphenyx has established agreements with clinicians and clinical centers in order to define a strict procedure for the transfer of Human Biological Samples, in compliance with French and European regulations relative to the use of human tissues for research. This agreement has been approved by the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education. Learn more


90% of the tissues sourced by Alphenyx are skin tissues, but other tissue can be collected and processed on request, following the same regulatory and ethic procedure types (cartilages, bones, spleen, tumors...).

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