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Skin penetration industrial partner

As a skin expert supplier for permeation studies, Alphenyx aims to further support its users by proposing reliable cell systems to perform experiments on its dermatomed skin discs. Following the PPP2022, Teledyne and Alphenyx sharing the same values in terms of ethics, quality and customer care, both decided to become partners to propose a comprehensive offer to our customers. 


Teledyne Hanson – Vertical Diffusion cell systems:

Teledyne Hanson is a leading supplier of vertical diffusion cell (VDC) testing systems used in the Pharmaceutical and Personal Care industries for IVRT and IVPT studies.Their Phoenix™ Dry Heat Systems are the state-of-the-art vertical diffusion cell systems available today for testing of topical and transdermal products and as part of our partnership, all Alphenyx clients have 5% discount on the Teledyne Hanson VDC instruments, which includes the Phoenix DB-6 for six-cell manual sampling applications and the Phoenix RDS Robotic Diffusion Station for automated sampling and collection of 6, 12, 18, or 24 cells

Visit to review Hanson’s complete range of pharmaceutical testing instruments including dissolution, diffusion, disintegration, powder flowability and sample extraction.

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